Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The lesson I learnt

     Here I want to tell you guys about what great lesson I learnt yesterday. It was evening time. I love to walk in the evening.. Am sure most of you guys too. Ok back to our point. There was a friend of mine who accompanied me for a walk. Don't want to offend him in anyway so not taking his name. Lets call (Mr. A). On our small walking trip we got engrossed in a topic, useless one rather. It was about a thunder being struck in a particular area. Before our conversation started my aim was to go to a garden which is a bit far and my friend dint want to walk that far. Then our topic started. I told that in xyz area two people got thunder shock and died on the spot. He same time objected that it is not called shock and the technical term is current. Ohh before this I want to tell you guys that mr A was a technical person(guy of screw and nuts..I mean engineer). He started accusing our country for using wrong technical words. He was correct in his way. Then my preaching started with an example 'If you tell any of ur family member to stay away from a particular switch that they will get current. Or if you say the same thing that to stay away from a switch else they will get a shock...Either way it is understood right..!!'
      'You cant even imagine guys that by the time we finished our conversation we had reached the place which I had aimed at.'
      Lesson I learnt: When you get engrossed in something you wont even know you reach heights. So guys from today on get engrossed in acquiring your dream. Start doing small small things that take you to your dream. Its My words buddy. Mark it. Minutes will convert into hours and hours into days, days into weeks and weeks into months. Like this years will pass and soon enough you will be tagged with a lot of names like master, perfectionist, inspiring, great...and even 'God'.

      My aim is to get the best out of you..!!