Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Way to hell! - Smoke

      Come join my group. Lets enjoy this moment buddy. Fu*k every Fu*kn' incident. Be the boss. Come join my group!! Here we can booze, Doze and visit hell. No more restrictions! No more hesitation. Come lets bring out your emotion. Burn it in here! Lets wrath death in our arms. Control life........
      A time comes when you will be out of your kick and then realize what an ass you are. This is the feeling which every drug addicts, boozers(which i prefer calling) get after their intoxication.
      Guys its hard time now..! Lets bring our asses together and create awareness in our society. But before all this let us stop our own drinking habits and stop encouraging those who drink(dont wanna humiliate a non drinker with this sentence). Guys this step of ours is going to help a lot of people. Almost every 10 second a person dies of accident caused due to drink and drive case. Now say, is it really worth it!!!!
      Common funkies!! We are youngsters. And this life is to live beautifully. Not to toxify our inner glands and to burn life.
      And its really cool now a days not to smoke. Mark it!  You know a lot of my friends smoke! I feel so great of myself when I don't. It makes me feel like a king. Coz I have total control of my will power.
      Many of my smoking friends here might be thinking that I don't know the feel of smoke up. Before all this doubtful thoughts come to your mind I want to make 1 thing clear that I was a chain smoker for 2 complete years. And trust me buddy its lot more lively to live a anti smoking life!