Monday, 8 October 2012

Mind blenders!!

1 - The illusion of happiness: I always wanted to buy a new car..havent yet -  very sad.
       One day the dream came true..I got a     new car and it came with a huge bunch of happiness.
       The second day there was a scratch on     the car & it came with a heavy bunch of sadness.
       In this bunch of sadness I forgot     that I still have a car which is the reason for a huge bunch of happiness.        
      This is what I call the illusion of happiness.

Moral:- "Happy or sad:Either way its our choice"

2 - There was a time when you couldn't even see a tear in my eyes. Now there is a river in my name & you don't even care.

3 - We need only three things to be happy:     Mind, Body & Soul.
       If you have these three gifts & still  unhappy then I consider you as insane.

4 - Don't waste time sleeping 'coz' you will get enough time to sleep when you are dead.

5 - My dedication to TV addicts:
    A life without TV is just a life without     TV,
    But a life with TV can be a life without     mental creativity which in turn creates      your life...
      Choice is yours!!

6 - A strange thing : Its been 2 years smoking and guy says its impossible to  quit. Whereas, the fact is he has lived more than 20 years of his life without   smokin' it.

7 - Life is all about acting if you be profound. We do the act of waking up then the act of getting ready, then the act of going to work,speaking to  people..etc.
       So probably God is the director.

    'My point here is play the character of  a best hero in this film called LIFE'

8 - We have choices even in the worst situation of life. Its just that our feelings influence it to make us feel the other way. Think again!!