Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Stay away from free advisers!

     Free advisers are those living creatures who shows us all the way what to do, how to do and when to do. I would like to first of all bring light on all the free advisers identity. Believe it or not all the free advisers in this world are always the most unsuccessful people in this world and if at all he/she is successful they will never give advise. Yeah its actually true. Just look around and you will know the reality.
     Free advisers are those people who aren't satisfied with their life, who failed in almost all phase of life and now want to convince others that with their free advises that they are right about the world tactics of life. They aren't mostly convincing you with their suggestions, in fact they are convincing themselves and covering the defeat they faced or facing.
      Free advisers never want you to move ahead. They are negators- means negative people that infects or try to infect your brain and pull you down to their level.
      Stay Away From Free Advisers. They never want you happy. They will insult you, show you how much big a failure you are, humiliate you in public..etc.
      Keep your focus on your goal. God will send such negators to you to test your focus. Once you pass the test you will be taken to your goal. That's destiny!