Monday, 8 October 2012

Change is the only thing permanent in life

    I will start with a real story of mine. It was a rainy day. And you know our mumbai rains. Due to some work I had been to a place where there is hardly a shade to be in. I was accompanied by a friend. 
    Suddenly it started raining and we both went sheltered under a tree. But as it was a tree you can expect it to be a complete shudded shelter. And there was no way around to cover our asses. We had to stay there.     Slow and steadily we started getting wet and the rain had no plans to stop.! We were feeling like a dunk and was getting goosebumps to get wet. Then a time came when we both got wet. 
    Nothing but my goosebumps went hewaaya and i got comfortable as if am born to get wet. I know its a crazy phrase'born to get wet'. Just fot the story effect i told.
    I realized a few things. The top most - The only thing permanent in life is change. In the begining of the above story me and my friend were afraid to get wet. Getting wet is a change right! And then when the change happened I got comfortable but my friend didn't. Thats coz I was the one who accepted the change. Whenever any situation comes its always 'change' which gets us scared. Take any situation of your life. Its always been difficult for you because you couldn't accept change.
      Guys!!Let it be breakup, going away from family, starting a new business, telling the truth...whatever it be!
      Once you understand that change is the only thing permanent you will live a life of a star. 'Everything will change but change will never change'