Monday, 8 October 2012

Sex - The Ultimate power

    Wait!! Before your thinking goes deeper. Here the title means the purest and the strongest gift we have which has to be shared only with your husband/wife. The 1st step we need to fulfill our dream is to have a strong cognitive(imaginative) power. That is the power of vision.
    Sex is the only emotion which has the strongest and the desperate power of imagination which in turn creates the future to actually make it happen. Whatever you see with-in, you experience it outside. If we learn to mould the desire for sex(the purest energy) and make it work in your favor to achieve your dream. Believe me no one else can be in competition with u. U will be the god of all success. Meditate and learn the technique of directing your power of sex towards your dream. With this power your vision will touch heights and the desire to achieve you dream will become so much unsaturated that you will exert yourself to achieve that saturation by working hard and fulfilling your goals.
      If you want to experiment the power. Just try imagining a place where you have been and want to be. And next try to inculcate the sexual desire and see to what peak your imagination goes.
      Do deep meditation you will automatically learn to control the power. This is so strong that using even a bit of this power can get you wealth to buy a aircraft for yourself.

 Meditate daily in the morning and mould your power of sex and use it to achieve your dream.