Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Enjoy every moment: Success will come to you.See how?

 Hello everyone back there. First of all I want to thank all my respected readers. Its your love because of which I am inspired to write more.
    Ok!! Back to the session here. Before starting I want to ask you a question: "There are many people who think positive about the  future and still dont achieve anything. Why? Those people think positive about the future, then why?"

     "I never think of the future- it comes soon enough"
                            -Sir Albert Einstein

      Exactly! You got me right. Most of the people have their own future aspects and aspirations,which is not at all wrong. The only and the most biggest problem is they think only of the future, no daring step they take(act on that thought). People of this kind suffer from a disease called 'imaginative disorder'. Don't get me wrong I didn't mean that imagination is wrong. In fact, imagination is more important than knowledge to acquire success in life. What here I mean is 'Live in the present'. I repeat 'Live in the present'. Sir Einstein also said that future will come soon enough then why not to enjoy the present. It has a deep meaning than perceived.
      It means when you are walking ENJOY WALKING, When you are eating ENJOY EATING, when you are working ENJOY WORKING. Whatever you are doing, do it in such a way that no one else in this world can do that thing like you do. Enjoy the present moment so much that sadness gets afraid of you. And here by moment I mean each and every milli-second.
      So get the hell out of you and enjoy the breeze of the beautiful gift called life. Every second passed will never return so just smile and smile and feel the essence of the beauty. Walk in my path and I assure you Life can never be this great. All the success will come to you.
      Thanks a lot guys. Still more is going to come. Enjoy blogging with us.

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