Saturday, 29 September 2012

Practise Positive Thinking

Many of you might be confused or wondering what exactly do we mean here by Practising positive thinking....Do you know :

“You are what you think!”

This simple but accurate statement indicates that what we say, what we do, and what we feel – all have their origin in the mind.

The energy of the human mind is one of the greatest, but least understood energy resources of the universe. When we understand and harness this energy, we possess the keys to happiness and contentment as well as to improving our relationships and circumstances.


How I think about myself and how I use my mind immediately affects my relationship both with myself and others. Trust, love, respect, understanding, and good communication characterize any good relationship. Am I my own good friend and companion?

Thoughts are like seeds. Loving and happy thoughts produce beautiful flowers and nourishing fruits; or thoughts can be spiteful and depressed, producing painful brambles or poisonous weeds. We can master our life by producing those ‘fruits’ which are wholesome, attractive and nourishing, and which give us the most happiness and contentment.


The aim of the practising Positive Thinking is to give you an understanding of the nature of thought. You will learn methods for being more constructive at home, at work and in your relationships. Subtopics -

Understanding the energy of thought,
Getting to know the mind,
Taking control of life’s experiences,
Developing self esteem,
Creating one’s own reality and
Making daily living a positive experience.